Mission & Vision


The Philippines Society of Gastroenterology is the leading organization of world-class Gastroenterologists committed to the advancement and provision of the highest quality of the digestive healthcare.


  1. Develop gastroenterologists through comprehensive training and continuing professional development.
  2. Produce and publish quality researches.
  3. Undertake advocacy programs to promote the healthcare needs of the community.
  4. Assist the government in formulating and implementing health policies and programs.
  5. Safeguard the interests welfare of its members.


P assion for Excellence, Professionalism
S ervice with compassion to members and community
G lobally and Locally competitive
I ntegrity in Practice

The Philippine Society of Gastroenterology envisions itself as an organization of competent gastroenterologists, imbued with a high level of moral and ethical values, committed to the practice of the specialty in the Philippines and dedicated to the high standards of learning, training and cure of digestive disorders.