Day 3 Speakers

Managing GI luminal fistulas: Medical, endoscopic and surgical perspectives

(Dina C. Gonzales, MD; Frederick T. Dy, MD; Karl T. Morales, MD)

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease symposium:

(Chair: Diana A. Payawal, MD; Co-chair: Karen Estelle C. De Lunas, MD)

When to screen? NAFLD and HCC

(Edhel S. Tripon, MD)

Practical approach to management of NAFLD

(Jade D. Jamias, MD)

Drug targets in NAFLD

(Janus P. Ong, MD)

Evolution of IBD in Asia

(Prof. Siew C. Ng)

Treatment algorithm of IBD in 2023

(Prof. Siew C. Ng)

Maximizing success and managing failure with biologics

(Jose D. Sollano Jr., MD)

NAFLD vs. MAFLD: Implications on screening , epidemiology and treatment

(Prof. Vincent WS Wong)

Translational approach to liver diseases

(Prof. Claudio Tiribelli)

The Role of the Hepatologist: Diagnosis, Risk Stratification and Management

(Diana A. Payawal, MD)

The Role of the Toxicologist

(Carissa Paz C. Dioquino, MD)

The Role of the Addiction Specialist: Turning your back to alcoholism and dealing with its consequences

(Ma. Monica Cardinez-Tan, MD)