Secretariat shifts to more convenient ATM payroll system

The hardworking secretaries (Diane, Mia, Jackie) and messenger (Kuya Joel) of the Philippine Society of Gastroenterology (PSG) Secretariat can now get their salaries through ATM cards.

The PSG Board has approved the proposal of incumbent treasurer Dr. Teresita Cabreira to shift the Secretariat to an automated teller machine (ATM)-based payroll system. Prior to this change, the Secretariat staff received their bi-monthly salaries through checks issued by the PSG, which required two signatories. Twice a month, the staff had to go to a nearby bank and line up to encash their checks, with the PSG shouldering the encashment fee of P100 per check.

With the switch to an ATM-based payroll system, the Secretariat staff can now receive their salaries faster and more conveniently, and the PSG saves more with the elimination of payroll checks and encashment fees.

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