Friday, 16 November 2018

UNITY IN DIVERSITY: A New Chapter Unfolds

Being in the heart of Luzon, we have envisioned to initiate and establish common grounds for our mission as gastroenterologists. One baby step at a time, and one small voice after another, the birth of the PSG CENTRAL LUZON CHAPTER all started out with the idea to embark on a noble journey, to branch from common paths, to rethink former approaches but still keeping the vision and values upheld by our Society's tradition.

As such, we endeavor to imprint an indelible mark to the local and national community as well. Actually the group started, albeit on informal status, with a CENTRAL LUZON GI Lecture Series in Angeles University Foundation Medical Center about twelve years ago. It was in 2006 when our now President-elect, Dr. Augusto Jose Galang, was appointed as Chairman of the Department of Internal Medicine of the Angeles University Foundation Medical Center when several gastroenterologists from Central Luzon and Manila were invited as speakers to deliver lectures to residents, nurses, consultants from other departments, and even family physicians and general practitioners. In line with this, a pending proposal to establish CLARK (Central Luzon Alimentary Researchers Kollaboration) whose office to be housed in Angeles University Foundation Medical Center to be named ACIDD - AUFMC Center for Investigation of Digestive Diseases. This, in addition to several Post-graduate courses started the journey towards a dream.

Then followed suit were some of our major activities including the LIVE ENDOSCOPY WORKSHOP held at the Mother Teresa of Calcutta Medical Center last 2015 headed by Dr Joseph Kelvy Musngi. Worth mentioning is our first POSTGRADUATE COURSE, a huge successful endeavor and a brainchild of our very own Dr. Allan Policarpio, held last November 30, 2015 at the Oasis Hotel in Angeles City, attended by ~80 general practitioners, internists, family physicians and trainees from various residency training centers within the region. Not to rest on its laurels, a second POSTGRADUATE COURSE held on July 29,2017 at the Premiere Medical Center in Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija, was immediately lined up in response to an overwhelming clamor for these learning-filled academic exercise. A huge parcel of our activities include several lay fora and awareness programs involving different sectors of the community, spanning from the lay to the healthcare personnel, resident doctor trainees and general medical practitioners.

Taking cue from our Mother Society, the Philippine Society of Gastroenterology, we can’t just stand complacent nor do our work any other way. As a chapter, it is our work ethos and our pride. We are committed to work hand in hand, starting from the grassroots in our respective provinces, huge and complex a region as we are.

It is therefore part of our philosophy as a budding and growing chapter, no matter how diverse our opinions or strategically divergent our localities may seem, to communicate with one another and our constituents and patients, in an open and pragmatic way. This way, we continue the noble vision and mission that the PHILIPPINE SOCIETY OF GASTROENTEROLOGY has inculcated in us.

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PSG Mission & Vision

The Philippine Society of Gastroenterology envisions itself as an organization of competent gastroenterologists, imbued with a high level of moral and ethical values, committed to the practice of the specialty in the Philippines and dedicated to the high standards of learning, training and cure of digestive disorders. 


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