Day 1 Speakers

The evolving role of systemic therapy in intermediate stage HCC

(Arthur Gregory A. Lui, MD)

Checkpoint inhibitors for HCC: What to watch out for and how to manage them

(Madalinee Eternity D. Labio, MD)

Maximizing HCC surveillance in liver cirrhosis: Is ultrasound alone enough?

(Stephen N. Wong, MD)

Towards increasing the yield for early cancers during endoscopy

(Prof. Yasushi Sano)

Clinical discernment and diagnostic approach to small intestinal malignancies

(Patricia S. Te, MD)

Looking back and moving into the future with Image enhanced Endoscopy

(Prof. Yasushi Sano)

Towards achieving a Nationwide GI research program

(Raul V. Destura, MD)

Pre-operative assessment for non-hepatic surgery

(Lawrence Chad U. Liu, MD)

Pre-operative assessment for hepatic surgery

(Jenny L. Limquiaco, MD)

Perioperative management of coagulopathy

(Alma Reyes-Calavera, MD)